Welcome To KeyOfIslam is the platform to spread love and brotherhood among all people through the light of Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him), the Final Messanger of Allah. Here you will get informations with precision.
ABOUT KeyOfIslam
KeyOfIslam is an initiative to provide authentic information to the Muslim Ummah and also non-Muslims who are interested in Islam. In today's world vertuality is spoon feeding us wrong informations which we are absorbing without virify. KeyOfIslam wants to reach people with authentic information. KeyOfIslam is one of the greatest initiative among those who are trying to serve Islam by various means. Though Islam itself is the only religion and it will win by itself, but may Allah accept our good will. Technology is the main driver of this Era and to represent Islam to the people we need to cope with the world and do good use of technology. KeyOfIslam is the medium which will be bringing to the people the true concept of Islam. The main resources of Islamic knoledge is Quran and Hadith. Here we will be providing the resources with proper reference.